Sample application using OWIN Self-hosting


This article will demonstrate a sample application using OWIN Self-hosting. I believe you have basic understanding about OWIN and Katana if not please read introduction to OWIN and Katana article first.

Step1 : Create a console application.

Create a console application

Step2: Add the Nuget package : Microsoft.Owin.SelfHost


After adding package you will get nice readme text, that tells what exactly we need to do to get started.

Step3: Create a startup class and write the OWIN pipeline configuration. Here i have added delegate based middle-ware.

 public class Startup
        public static void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
            app.Use(async (x, next) => {
                await x.Response.WriteAsync("Welcome to OWIN self hot");

Step4: Copy the implementation from readme text and paste it in program.cs file.

using (WebApp.Start<Startup>("http://localhost:12345"))

We are done with coding. Just run the application. An empty console will be displayed. Enter http://localhost:12345 in the browser. You can see the hosted application.


We get the content in the browser. The self-hosted OWIN pipeline is responded when we send the request.


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